Below is our detailed step by step guide to help you understand the ins and outs of RX'D Connect. We believe in making your gym’s community stronger and assisting you along the way.


Sign up with RX’D Connect


    Simply click the SIGN UP button at the top right of the website and fill out the registration form.



    All new design packs start from $99. For new design packs you can choose from the following items:


    Our you can choose our value Starter Pack offering 4 items for $249 which includes the following on-demand designs:


    - Apparel design -

    - 1 x Product sample

    - Studio Product Photography

    - Ghost mannequin retouching

    - Product description copywriting

    - Product upload to your store

    - Email campaign designed and sent to your members

    - Ready to post Social Media content



    All new design packs are $99. For new design packs you can choose from the following items:


    - Men's T-Shirt

    - Women's T-Shirt

    - Men's Muscle Tee

    - Women's Muscle Tee

    - Men's Singlet

    - Women's Singlet

    - Men's Shorts

    - Women's Booty Shorts

    - Men's Hoodie

    - Women's Hoodie

    - Wrist Wraps



    Our you can choose our value Starter Pack offering 4 items for $249 which includes the following garments:


    1 x Men's Tee, Muscle Tee or Singlet

    1 x Women's Tee, Muscle Tee or Singlet

    1 x Men's Shorts

    1 x Booty Shorts



    After completing registration we will require a few more details to set up your online store. You'll be prompted to upload the following information:


    Your domain name and website hosting details

    This allows us to link your online store to your current website (


    Your logos

    We will require these in the following file formats (.ai, .eps or .pdf). This will allow us to brand your online store and design your apparel.


    Your bank details

    Which allows us to deposit your profits quarterly.



    An important requirement of your RX'D Connect online store is that you provide the following details for each of your members:

    First name, last name, email address, phone number, address, DOB & gender.


    There are 2 ways to upload this information to your RX'D Connect store.

    You can create an account to your current CRM (i.e. MindBody, WODIFY, Zen Planner, etc.) for our system to connect and regularly update any new members of your gym.

    Alternatively you can upload an excel spreadsheet to our system and manually update your database when new members sign up. This will need to be done on a regular basis.


     This information is important to us as it gives us the ability to create an account for all your current members, and manage your marketing campaigns. This list provides us with all the information we need to optimise the sales through your store and to suggest and determine product offerings.


    This information remains strictly confidential in accordance with our privacy policy & T&C’s.




    Now for the fun part... You'll work alongside the experienced team of designers at RX'D Industries to design and sample your new range of Custom On-Demand Apparel. Attention to detail is a strong element of our design which will ensure your gym's apparel range is on par with industry leading brands. Let us turn your design ideas into reality!


    We want your members to be representing your brand on a daily basis in and out of the gym. With our Branded Stock Collection you'll instantly have access to a complete range of fun and fashionable designs that your members will love.


    Excited? So are we!




    Once your store setup & apparel designs are finalised your store is ready for launch. Upon your approval a welcome email will be sent to all of your members informing them that their online store account has been created and how to login.



    Now that you're an online retailer of premium health and fitness products it is important to keep a professional online presence.


    Your online store is built to strategically market new, popular and fashionable products throughout your community. We will scheduled email marketing from your store and supply you with ready to post social media content to promote your brand alongside other leading brands such as True Protein and Rocktape.




    As a coach or a gym owner your members look to you for advice on health and fitness products.


    Thanks to your online store your members now have a place within your community to shop for a wide range of quality products that you can confidently endorse. The best part is your gym is now open for business 24/7!




    RX'D Connect is a fully managed platform meaning that we take care of all transactions, fulfillment and delivery of products sold through your store.


    Through your store, your members will have two delivery options:

    1. $10 flat rate Australia wide delivery

    2. Free pickup from the gym

    That's correct! We will cover the cost of delivery to your gym no matter how small the order is. This allows us to package multiple customer orders together and dispatch them within the same delivery.



    Being an online retailer means that you will make retail profits. The only difference in this case is that it's RISK FREE.

    At the end of each quarter, we will simply send you a statement listing every item that has been purchased through your store and then we'll bank your profits directly into your nominated bank account.



What is the purpose of RX’D Connect?

As a fitness provider you have created the perfect retail market through your member base. Every day your members are spending money on supplements, apparel and gear off the back of your recommendations and an interest in fitness that you have instilled. We are dedicated to ensuring your share of consumer spend stays within your business by creating your own online store.



How long does it take to setup a new online store?

It usually takes about 1 week but can take longer if we don’t have the correct information. It also depends if you would like to launch the store along with a new on-demand apparel range which can take a longer to design and sample.



Is our online store branded with our own domain name, colours and logos?

Yes, your online store will be located with a URL such as and will be fully branded with your own logos and colours. All emails, invoices & deliveries are coming from your business and customised to your branding. The online store will be Powered by RX’D Connect.



How much does it cost?

The RX’D Industries online store platform is free. We benefit from your success! We have other package options available for those who could do with a helping hand on other aspects of their business.



What products will be available on my customised webstore?

An extensive range of products from reputable companies will be available through your new online store. Brands such as True Protein, Progenex, Rocktape, Evolve, 66Fit, RX’D Industries and a whole lot more! Your on-demand custom apparel range will also be available through your online store



How much will I make from selling products through my online store?

Profit margins on most products are 15-25% of the sale price but profit margins can be as high as 30% on your on-demand apparel range. Because you are not stuck with excess stock, every dollar that you make is genuine risk free profit without any capital outlay!



How do I get paid?

RX'D Connect will simply bank your retail profits into your nominated bank account at the end of every quarter.



How does invoicing work?

The relationship between RX'D Connect and your business is a simple wholesale/retail relationship. When your customer purchases a product from your store they receive an invoice from your company. This payment covers the wholesale cost of the product and the profit that we will disperse to you at the end of the quarter.

At the end of the quarter when we disperse your profits, we will also provide you with a profit statement listing all items sold through your store and the profit amount of each sale. We will also issue a "paid" invoice to your company listing the wholesale price of all products that have been sold through your store. All of this is ready for you to include in your next BAS.



Can I still sell products in my gym or pro shop?

Yes, you are not committed to RX’D Connect in any way.  You can even purchase products from your own online store at wholesale prices at any time without any minimum order quantities. Just login through your gym owner account and all prices are automatically adjusted.



As a gym owner can I purchase my own products at wholesale prices?

Yes, when you login to your online store account as a gym owner your prices will automatically be adjusted to the wholesale prices ready for you to purchase at any time with free delivery to your gym.



Is there option for staff pricing?

Yes, there is a pricing rate for staff which is in between the wholesale price and RRP. It is your choice which of your owners/staff  you would like to set as "Cost Price" and "Staff Price" accounts. All you have to do is notify us by email.



What is the "return" policy?

We have a 7 day return policy on all faulty goods. Once we have been notified by the business owner that they have possession of the faulty product, we will classify it as "returned" and send a replacement item or refund.

We cannot accept returns for our on demand range if the customer has chosen the wrong size or has decided that they no longer want it as all items are manufactured based on the order. In this case it is your choice if you would like to order a new size for your customer and keep the previously purchased item as "stock" in your gym for somebody else to purchase at a later date.

We try and keep sizing as standard as possible on our on-demand products to eliminate these issues!



Can I utilise the online store to sell tickets to a competition or event?

Yes, There is a $99 setup fee for the event on the store and 10% commission for each ticket sale. If you include a piece of customised clothing in your ticket price, we will include a free design pack for the item and the 10% fee will be waived.



How long does it take from signing up to launching the online store?

This depends mostly on the time that it takes for your apparel design & sampling process. If you are a quick decision maker it can really help speed things up! It only takes about 1 week to setup your online store but typically it takes 3-6 weeks to complete the full design & sampling process for your on-demand apparel range.

Generally, we believe that it is more beneficial to wait until your apparel range designed, sampled and uploaded before launching  your store to your members.



What is the product delivery time?

When a customer opts for the $10 flat rate, we will dispatch the product within 1-3 days.

If the customer opts for free pickup from the gym, we will dispatch the product within 2-5 days as this gives some time for more orders to be made from your store and be packaged together in the same consignment.



How do I sign up?

Complete our two detailed sign up forms by clicking the SIGN UP button at the top of the page The first form requires your basic information and you can also purchase your initial on demand design packs. The second form requires detailed information about your website, domain, hosting, logos, deposit details etc.

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